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Writing Life:

In the Writing Life, you’ll find pieces from my writing journey as well as inspiration from experiences that I’m having along the way, and my advice for you in regards to writing, publishing, and creative self-expression as it pertains to the written word.

Farm Life:

In the rolling hills of Kentucky, I live on a small hobby farm with my family, our three dogs, a flock of 13 hens, and 250 grapevines to which we tend. In the Farm Life, you’ll hear stories about the farm and nature in general, along with tidbits that might help you in your own homesteading path and connection to nature.

Family Life:

LifeSoup Blog - Family Life - Cherie Dawn Haas
Families. We all have them in some way. Mine includes a husband, two teen boys, and a large extended family of step-siblings and in-laws. In Family Life, I’ll share parts of our life as we navigate high school, holidays, and more.

Food Life:

I’ve never considered myself a foodie, but I do eat, like every day. Part of my yoga journey has been to pay more attention to the foods I eat. I’ve begun asking myself questions about where the food came from, how it was made, and why I’m choosing to put it in my body. Join me on this journey in Food Life as I explore vegan and vegetarian recipes, and even, thanks to my hunting husband, wild game foods such as venison and turkey.

Yoga Life:

In November 2018 I picked up a yoga book at the library, hoping to learn more about the poses. What I learned, in a life-changing moment, was that the poses are only a part of yoga practice. Since then I’ve continued my studies and practice, and and am now a Certified Yoga Teacher. Read more about my discoveries and join me on the path in Yoga Life.

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