Well, I Brought It On Myself

Tears are still drying on my cheeks as I type this out. My first son left the house this morning to attend his first university class.

We’ve been preparing for this for weeks; well, years, really. Started saving when he was a little tot. Encouraged him through school years, helped with applications and forms, attended college-prep activities, and lastly, a reminder to get to the campus early because the parking lot would be a mad-house.

He might still be trying to find a parking spot even as I write this.

I cried into my husband’s chest, tried to focus on other things, then decided to meditate. I grabbed my headphones and phone (I like to use the Insight Timer app), and went to one of my quiet places. There, I set out a yoga bolster, but yet instead of sitting on it with dignity, my silk yoga pants helped me slide right off the back of it and roll onto my back, facing the ceiling with my legs in the air. 

A telling reminder that humor is often the answer! I laughed and said, “OK, God, I get it. I’ll lighten up.” As I sat upright, I found a sewing needle on the carpet, and felt a quick stab of gratitude instead of pain. 

I still needed some guidance, though, so I chose a meditation on accepting change. It encouraged me to look into the black hole of not-knowing – not with fear, but with creativity. It reminded me that I have been working toward this major change, that I brought it into being, and that now is the time to enjoy the results. We raised our son, and as we transition to this new phase, he’ll be doing the same.

Also as I write this, my husband is finishing the inside of my new studio cabin, which I use for work (editing and writing for Streamline Publishing); for writing fiction; and now also for holding private yoga and creativity coaching sessions. I brought it on myself. 🙂

With so many of us adjusting to the end of summer and everything it means, how can you reflect on the good things you’ve brought on for yourself?

Until next time,

Only Two Spots Left for the Fall Writers Retreat, September 11!

retreats for writers

I’m told that it’s very helpful for authors to have reader reviews of their books online ~ if you’ve read any of my books, I would be grateful if you could take a moment now to go to Amazon and/or Good Reads and leave even a short review! 

Other things in the works! I’m currently waiting to hear back from a Literary Agent about representing my latest novel, so stay tuned for more on this exciting process. And later this month, I’ll be traveling to Belgium on a writing assignment – much more to come on that as well! 

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