Food Tour of Belgium

Recently I went on a writing assignment to Antwerp, Belgium, where I was wined and dined in between incredible tours of art museums, cathedrals, and even an 11th-century castle. Although I was there as a member of the press covering a major art museum reopening, the multi-course meals made quite an impression on me as well.

Here’s a photo essay on the delicious foods available throughout Antwerp and even one in Ghent. Enjoy!

My food adventures started while I was waiting for my hotel room. After traveling for about 20 hours, I found myself at a little coffee shop called Exki. It might be a chain restaurant similar to Panera here in the states; coffee, danishes, soups, and the like.


For lunch, I achieved one of my goals for the trip: to eat a Belgian waffle from a street vendor. It was worth every calorie.

Belgium waffles

That evening I enjoyed a press event at an amazing venue called Leienpaleis. Mingling, networking, a tour of the building, and a progressive dinner.

One of the many servings of various dishes at Leienpaleis

The next day was the grand tour of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA), which included one impressive offering after another.

Madonna Grand Café at the KMSKA; the following dishes might not be in the exact order served

That evening, I rested my feet while in a cozy chair inside Fiera, with another round of food that was so delicious there were flavors I couldn’t even identify.

The view from my seat at Fiera

Lunch on Friday afternoon was served at the Ruben House; here, the location and history itself took all of my attention. We had a standing lunch, and that evening I went to dinner at Graanmarkt 13 with a few fellow writers and new friends.

Graanmarkt 13

The next day I took a train from Antwerp to Ghent, where I toured a castle, went on a quaint boat ride, and got to see the world-famous “Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” altarpiece. In between these excursions, I had a meal at Du Progres that was so delicious I had to keep pausing to enjoy the flavors. In American terms, it was similar to a chicken pot pie, but much more “elevated,” as they say.

Du Progres

Lastly, I grabbed a relatively quick dinner at a place called Wasbar. It turns out that this was also a laundry mat, but you wouldn’t guess it from the front of the restaurant, and I had to look twice to confirm there were washers and dryers next to the tables. Great salad, though!


There you have it! My #foodporn from Belgium. Did I track my Weight Watchers points? No. Did I count my steps with a pedometer? No. I just enjoyed the visit, every moment, every bite.

I hope you enjoyed this, and that it inspires you to eat well, my friends – we only live once!

Until next time,
Cherie Dawn

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