Grow your practice, on and off the mat.

Beginning Yoga – Gentle, Restorative Yoga – Power Yoga – Meditation

Learn and practice yoga with Cherie Dawn through 1-1 online yoga lessons that are catered to your preferences and goals.

Each lesson begins with a brief check-in on how you’re feeling and what you’d like to focus on, whether that’s learning about yoga philosophy and mindfulness, practicing meditation for a calmer outlook on life, or yoga pose variations. Sessions are held over Zoom or Google Hangouts and scheduled to your convenience in 30 or 60-minute blocks.

Through yoga lessons with Cherie Dawn, I have been able to create a space for calm restoration, learn more about the philosophy of the 8 limbs of yoga, and incorporate more mindfulness into daily life.

Yoga lessons with Cherie Dawn online or in-person

Cherie Dawn began her yoga journey in 2018 when she realized there was more to the practice than what she was doing on the mat. In 2020 she trained through East Cincy Yoga, where she still subs, and currently teaches in person at Studio43 Sweat + Soul in Alexandria, Kentucky.

Online Yoga Session Rates

30 minutes: $50
60 minutes: $70

Payment due before session(s) and accepted via PayPal and Venmo.

Book multiple sessions for a discount; contact Cherie Dawn for details.

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How I Alleviated Suffering in the Bedroom

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